About Us

Welcome to Dudutoolz Academy


Matthias Aragbada began his Story with a passion

Matthias Aragbada, creative director and founder of Dudutoonz Studioz is driven by one definite passion: “Recreate, re-position Nigeria through Digital Arts”. How would we want the world to perceive Nigeria ?”

In 2010, he opened Dudutoolz Academy to address the need for a digital art industry with well trained artists and uniting them with the dream to upgrade production quality within the environ. The academy emphasizes the art of being an artist in alignment with the commitment to quality and community that will forever change art education in Nigeria.

Dudutoolz Academy offers the best of creative digital art trainings in Nigeria, for both aspiring and practicing artists.

Our courses are designed to effectively help every student improve his or her computer art skills as dreamt, trainning with latest softwares and hardware technologies with focus on students excelling in the Nigerian digital art market place.

We have a drive full archive of great testimonials from our old students and their employees alike to our credit.
We pride in the success of students not just in the class but in respective industries.

Choose a course today and experience what we have got in stock for you, it promises to be that career redefining move.
“ Enroll . Learn . Create”