Welcome to Dudutoolz Academy

On behalf of our team, I am so pleased to welcome you to Dudutoolz Academy. We are happy to have you with us, and we appreciate all the intellectual and creative vitality that we will be sharing with you.

As students, you are a most important part of our digital art community, and we value your contributions and participation. You are our partners in advancing the Nigerian digital art industry.

As our returning students already know, learning at Dudutoolz Academy extends far beyond our classrooms. We also learn a great deal from each other. We encourage you, our students — and all members of our academic community — to be full participants in the free and open exchange of ideas and viewpoints that characterizes our academy. We commit ourselves to upholding the values we cherish as an academic institution, and to fostering an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive, and welcoming to all. The diversity of our backgrounds, talents, and perspectives will continue to enrich us all as we live and learn together.

The Dudutoolz team look forward to meeting with you. We are glad to have you as part of our Dudutoolz family.

Matthias Aragbada
Creative Director

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